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6 Important Things to Know When Staging a Home

Many real estate experts recommend staging a home before putting it up for sale. According to a research, staged homes sell three times faster than non-staged homes while adding the offer value by up to 10%.

What should be done to stage a home? Here are a few home staging tips shared by the real estate agents to help you maximize the home value offer:

1. Make Sure to Declutter Your Home

Clutter is a big no for buyers. Cluttered rooms not only look smaller and untidy, but also distract the buyers with belongings.

Every home has accumulated unnecessary stuff over the years, which you can easily do away with. Declutter all the rooms as the first and primary step to home staging. This would help the potential buyers visualize themselves living in it, and that's only possible with a clean and decluttered home.

2. Don't Overload your Storage

After you have decluttered your home, it's time to organize your cupboards and storage units. Make sure that you don't overload your storage units and cupboards, as that would only leave a bad impression on the buyers.

3. Have a Nice & Clean Home

Most buyers prefer a clean and well-maintained home over a neglected property. A clean home gives a fresh and welcoming feeling to the potential buyers.

If you don't want to spend much on staging a home, make sure to just clean and declutter it. Otherwise, the buyers will be under the impression that your home needs a lot of maintenance, thus decreasing its value offer.

4. Home Staging Necessary DIY Jobs

Every home requires some sort of maintenance and renovation. Make sure you are done with all the important maintenance tasks to secure a fast offer. A general home maintenance list would probably include fixing a dripping faucet, filling in wall cracks and holes, door and window repairs, unclogged drainage and gutters to anything that can push the buyers away!

5. Use Light Reflecting Colors for a Refreshing Room Look

A light coat of paint has a huge impact on a room's appearance. It adds to the fresh look and makes it look spacious.

Even if you are into bright and dark colors, it's best to stick to light themes for your living room and bedrooms when it comes to home staging to ensure a sale.

6. Staging Kitchen & Bedrooms

A well maintained kitchen is a must for home staging. You may remodel it if it looks out of shape, as this would add to your home’s value offer.

Many real estate agents recommend having an updated kitchen look to make a powerful impression on the buyers. It always adds to your investment when selling a home. You may not have to remodel your entire kitchen. Just painting the kitchen cabinets would add to the new look you are looking for. Also, pay attention to landscaping and the bathroom cabinetry.


There is a lot that goes into home staging. However, the above-mentioned tips are an absolute necessity if you don't want to focus on anything else. Consult with Liliana Lassalle to get the best potential buyers for your home once it's set up for staging.


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